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Day to day life in Milan can get rather boring, at least in my eyes. Once you go and see Duomo and the shopping centers, things to do dry up pretty fast. Of course you have your museums and Art halls and the world famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci "The Last Supper" on the walls of a church. (Which you have to make an appointment months in advance to see) Unless your there during the football matches when yo can go to bars drink beer and watch hoping for Italy to win so the Italians wont break in to a riot. There isnt a lot to do. Depending on where your agency puts you up, you may be able to sit in a cafe and find an Italian who speaks english and doesnt mind speaking english to show you what the locals do. Life there depending on who you are can be really boring if your not in to shopping or have a lot of money to shop, since it is VERY expensive, but you will probably be able to find something to do... But watch out for the promoters as they arein full swing in Milan.

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